Being Informed & Getting Involved

Being Informed
The Negaunee Public Schools are committed to the development of partnerships through continuous communication with the people they serve. Five times each year we produce and mail the “Miners Lamp” newsletter to the general public.  Reports of major action taken by the Negaunee School Board are mailed to local radio stations and newspapers following each meeting.  In addition to these regular communication features, our schools each produce a newsletter to report activities within their respective school.  Recognizing communication requires that the district do a good job of listening, we encourage you to visit our schools often.  Any comments, questions or suggestions may be referred to any school office or to the Superintendent’s Office at 475-4157.

Getting Involved
It’s easy to get involved with Negaunee Public Schools because we are committed to a program of active participation.  Leading the effort are the seven members of the Board of Education, who are elected to serve six year terms as the directors of the school district.  Input into the Board’s decision-making is invited when they meet on the third Monday of each month.  When issues of long-range and community wide interest arise, the Board often elects to hold public hearings before any decisions are made.     One of the busiest avenues of public involvement in recent years has been the school volunteer program, S.H.I.N.E.  8000 hours of volunteer time by individuals was donated for the benefit of our students last school year.  Interested parents may contact the S.H.I.N.E.  Coordinator, Diane Faust at 475-0229. Visitors to the school are welcome at all times, and the district offers a variety of adult classes and activities, both during the day and in the evening through our Community Education Division at 475-4173.

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