Educational Program

Negaunee offers a quality educational program, grades Y5-12, in compliance with the regulations and standards set by the State of Michigan Department of Education.

The program is organized at three levels:  Elementary (Y5-5), Middle School (6-8) and High School (9-12).  Each level offers a modern and innovative curriculum that recognizes the learner as an individual.

All teachers in Negaunee are required to be certified, and are assisted by specialists in music, counseling, art, reading, speech therapy, learning disabilities, physical education and library services.

The district holds to the idea that excellence in teaching must be accompanied by an effort to build each child’s self esteem.  Negaunee has a fine reputation for its fine arts program, foreign languages and advanced math and science.  We have been recognized as a leader in the use of technology to enhance learning.

A great deal of planning takes place between the teachers at the secondary level and those at the elementary level to assure that Negaunee’s educational program is steadily progressive and builds on what the student has learned in previous grades.

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