Project Newborn – Rock & Read

Negaunee Public Schools provides programs such as Project Newborn and Rock & Read that highlights how valuable it is to read to children from birth.

While the focus of Project Newborn is reading, the program also opens lines of communication between the family and the school district, in addition to information on what is available for children in our district.

Rock and Read provides networking with other parents of similar aged children in a fun, relaxed setting focused on reading at events held throughout the school year.

Project Newborn and Rock and Read recognizes and supports two critical points: The home is the child’s first school and the parent is the child’s first teacher. These programs were designed to support the child and the family. Creating an Einstein is not the goal–giving every child the same opportunity is.

For more information, or to receive mailings on these programs and events, please contact Diane Faust at 475-0229 or email diane [dot] faust [at] negauneeschools [dot] org

Thank you to our sponsor Fox of Negaunee!

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