Irontown Virtual

Elementary School Online Curriculum for Virtual Students

Irontown Virtual Elementary School offers curriculum for students in kindergarten through fifth grade who complete all of their learning online. This elementary school online curriculum features courses that can be taught by Negaunee Public Schools state-certified instructors.

Students will complete age-appropriate, engaging lessons with access to tools that support learning, including text to speech, audio and translation, text and picture dictionaries, and more. And educators can easily monitor student progress and performance with usage statistics, grading and feedback tools, curriculum maps, and communication tools.


High School Online Curriculum for Virtual Students

Irontown Virtual core curriculum and elective courses are designed to help students in grades 6–12 meet the challenge of Common Core and state standards, as well as your state’s graduation requirements. Rigorous, interactive courses keep students focused on the content they need to learn, which is designed to foster the advanced critical thinking and analytical skills they will need in post-secondary education.

Irontown Virtual Resource Center

Parents and Learning Coaches are critical to virtual learning and provide a level of support for students. These resources will assist in understanding the roles, suggested schedules, and task management strategies

The following resources will give teachers and mentors the information they need to confidently embark on the journey of online teaching.

The resources students need to succeed with virtual learning.

K-12 Irontown Virtual how to videos.

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