Negaunee Public Schools

February 16, 2009


Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education, Negaunee Public Schools, City of Negaunee, County of Marquette, and State of Michigan, held on February 16, 2009, at the Negaunee High School Library.


Members Present:   Fae Collins, Dan Hintsala, Virginia Paulson, Cheryl Radloff, Martin Renaldi, Dave Rice, and Martin Saari


Member Absent: None           


Administrators Present:

James Derocher, Superintendent

Bob Bonetti, High School Principal

Dan Skewis, Middle School Principal

Joe Meyskens, Lakeview School Principal

Mary Kay Johnson, Administrative Aide for Finance

Julie Dompierre, Recording Secretary


27.       The meeting was called to order by President Dave Rice at 7:00 p.m. 


28.       A quorum of the board was established.


29.       Motion by F. Collins, supported by M. Saari, to approve the agenda as presented. Superintendent Derocher informed the Board that the Agenda items would remain the same, however, there was additional information added to Agenda items F. and I.  Motion carried 7-0. 


30.       Public Comment:


Kelly Ball, a parent of a student athlete, emphasized the importance in maintaining an individualÕs self esteem.  She talked about her disappointment in a decision made by the Girls Softball Coach to cut one girl, her daughter, from the program. She asked the Board to consider this action when making the appointment to the position.


Stacy Chartelas and Jamie Tomczyk, representatives from River Valley Bank, introduced themselves to the Board and said they would be available should the Board have questions concerning the banking proposal that was submitted.


31.       Motion by M. Renaldi, supported by D. Hintsala, to approve the minutes of the

Regular Meeting held on January 16, 2009, the Special Meeting and Closed Session held on February 2, 2009.  Motion carried 7-0. 


32.       Motion by M. Saari, supported by M. Renaldi, to approve the Consent Items as presented.  Motion carried 7-0.


33.       Payment of Bills and Financial Reports:


A.        Motion by D. Hintsala, supported by V. Paulson, to approve the payment of bills totaling $444,946.64.  Motion carried 7-0.


B.        The Financial Report was received from the Administrative Aide for Finance, Mary Kay Johnson. 


34.       A written report was received from the Community Education Director.  Oral reports were received from Bob Bonetti, High School Principal, Dan Skewis, Middle School Principal, Joe Meyskens, Lakeview Elementary School Principal, and Jim Derocher, Superintendent.


35.       Correspondence - None


36.       Old Business - None


37.       New Business:


A.        Motion by F. Collins, supported by M. Renaldi, to move into closed session for a student discipline hearing, per the parents request, at 7:42 p.m.  Motion carried 7-0.  The Board returned to open session at 7:59 p.m.


            The Board stated that this student discipline matter would be handled by Mr. Bonetti.  No further action needed.


B.        Superintendent Derocher and the Board discussed the 2009-10 projected budget and it was determined that a Budget Committee should be formed.  President Rice stated he would like to sit on this Committee and asked Mr. Renaldi and Mr. Hintsala to also be members. They confirmed they would be willing to participate.


C.        Superintendent Derocher explained he had been approached by Clean Green Energy, LLC to enter into a proposal to explore the use of wind turbines, in order to cut energy expenses, at the High School or Lakeview School.  He said he had contracted the DistrictÕs attorney to see if he had reviewed any similar proposals for other school districts but as of this Board meeting he had not heard back from the attorney.


The Board stated that they would like to see the results from other districts, which have agreed to the proposal.  If it were decided, at a later date, to proceed with the proposal Superintendent Derocher stated he would contact the DistrictÕs attorney before making any commitments.  No action taken.


D.        The Board reviewed the Administrative request from the High School and Middle School  for the approval to purchase the following new textbooks in the amount of approximately $28,645:


                        High School  

Economics and Government

                        Advance Chemistry

                        Pre Calculus


                        Middle School

            Prentice HallÕs American History of our Nation, Beginnings through 1877.


Superintendent Derocher offered two payment suggestions.  No action taken.


E.         Superintendent Derocher updated the Board on changes made to the language in the School Aide Act allowing districts to count students enrolled in a Pre-Kindergarten class for one half of the Foundation Grant beginning next year. Also, beginning with the 2010-11 school year changes will be made in the Kindergarten reimbursement.  He explained that Mr. Meyskens had discussed these changes with his early elementary staff in order to hear their suggestions.  The staff suggested that changes not be made until the mandatory date set by the State. 


            Superintendent Derocher and various Board members commented that they have been approached by the  public stating how pleased they are with the Young 5Õs program.   No action taken.


F.         Motion by V. Paulson, supported by M. Saari, to approve the self-funded field trip request from Connie Lindblom, High School Choral Teacher, to take the High School Chorus to see the play Rent in Chicago.  


Approval was also given to Gerald Anderson, High School Band Teacher, to take the senior band class on a self-funded field trip to Minneapolis. 


Motion carried 7-0.


G.        Superintendent Derocher reviewed the preliminary student count totals as of February 11, 2009, the official State of Michigan count date.  No action necessary.


H.        Motion by M. Renaldi, supported by M. Saari, to increase the working hours of Heidi Lenten, Instructional Aide, at Lakeview.  Motion carried



I.          Motion by V. Paulson, supported by M. Renaldi to approve the following Schedule B positions:


                              Girls Track:

                              Assistant Coach - High School  June Link

                              Volunteer Girls Track Coach     Kathy Hill 

                              Volunteer Girls Track Coach     Ally Ticknell

                              Volunteer Girls Track Coach     Halley Sodergren

                              Volunteer Girls Track Coach     Beth Holmgren


                              Boys Tennis:

                              Head Coach                                Kyle Saari

                              Assistant Coach                         Jeff Clark


                              Girls Softball:

                              Varsity Coach                            Steve Anderson

                              Volunteer Coach                        Kyle Johnson


                              Boys Baseball:

                              Head Coach                                Dave Speaker, Sr.

                              Volunteer Coach                        James Larsen

                              Volunteer Coach                        Dave Speaker,  Jr.



                        Motion carried 7-0.


J.         Superintendent Derocher received a retirement letter from Mr. Meyskens, Lakeview Principal.  He thanked Joe for coming out of retirement and taking on the position.  The Superintendent will post this position on various university websites, the district website, and in the Mining Journal. The Superintendent indicated a committee may be formed to review the applications.  No action necessary.


K.        President Rice thanked the Board members for getting the SuperintendentÕs evaluation sheets back to him in a timely manner.  He has reviewed the reports with Mr. Derocher.  His overall rating was 3.58, Excellent.


            Mr. Renaldi thanked Mr. Derocher for the written update on last yearÕs goals, set by the Board, and congratulated him on a job well done along with other Board members.


            Motion by V. Paulson, supported by F. Collins, to approve the 5-year extension of the SuperintendentÕs contract by one year through the 2013-2014 school year.  Motion carried 7-0.


38.       Public Comment:


Coleen Allen asked what would happen if we had any additional snow days.  Superintendent Derocher said the plan is covered in the NEA Teacher Contract.


Kelly Ball asked if she could be given a list of the spring Schedule B hires.


39.       Other Business – None


40.       President Rice adjourned the meeting at 8:50 p.m.





_______________________________          ________________________________

Dave Rice, President                                            Fae Collins, Secretary