Superintendent’s Corner


It is amazing to think that a year has passed since I wrote the 2018-19 opening article for the Miner’s Lamp.  A lot has happened in the District during this time, and I am forever grateful to be a part of this amazing school system.  The upcoming 2019-20 school year promises to be just as exciting as the years prior. It is my hope that you have had the opportunity to enjoy family and friends during the past couple months.  I am sure the summer has re-energized our students, and they are eager to start the upcoming school year. The staff at Negaunee Public Schools is looking forward to seeing both the returning and new students.  This school year will begin on Tuesday, August 27th, with all three buildings having a full day of instruction.  The schedules for each building, listed on page 2, are the same as last year.  

In the summer of 2017, the community overwhelmingly passed our new Sinking Fund, allowing us to make building improvements to our schools.  This summer, we are putting this tax revenue to good use. There are a variety of construction projects that have been completed or are in the process of completion.

Lakeview school has experienced several upgrades during the summer months.  Nine different classrooms and a bathroom have had the carpeting/tile replaced.  These rooms were in major need of a flooring improvement. Lakeview’s gym also received a facelift, with a new floor design in place and new bottom bleachers on both sides of the gym.  These improvements undoubtedly make Lakeview gym the best in the Upper Peninsula. Negaunee Middle School has had mechanical improvements, as two boilers were installed early in the summer.  Fifty-two interior doors were replaced at the middle school through a Michigan State Police Grant. Negaunee High School had new carpet installed throughout the main floor hallway and all of the lockers were refinished.  These two upgrades were definitely needed and have significantly improved the aesthetics in the high school. Finally, the track at Miner Stadium was resurfaced as well. Several smaller projects have also taken place throughout the District this summer to be ready for a great 2019-20 school year.  

Every school year brings several changes to our teaching staff due to retiring teachers, new hires, classrooms moved within buildings, along with other changes.  Whatever the changes might be, they continue to be done in the best interest of our students in order to provide them with the best education possible. Beginning at Negaunee High School, Tiffanie Meyers was hired into a special education position replacing Karen Bonsall, who retired this past school year.  With Mark Marana retiring, the High School Administration has changes to report as well. Andrew Brunette is the new High School Principal, and Paul Jacobson is the Assistant Principal and Athletic Director. At Negaunee Middle School, Courtney Carlson will be transferring into a full-time special education position.  Lori Bell is now the middle school assistant principal. At Lakeview, Chelsea Norton resigned as the COOP special education teacher, and we will fill her position with Cassie Dobson. Abbie Watters has been hired to join the second grade team of teachers, as an extra section was added to accommodate that large class size.  Mario Marana will be replacing Lisa Bigalk as she retired at the end of the school year. Finally, Murray Bonk was hired as our new technology teacher at Lakeview. Cory Richards was hired early this summer as our new Technology Director, replacing Scott Washburn.

We look forward to another successful school year and want to thank you in advance for all the support you provide to Negaunee Public Schools and our students.



Dan Skewis

Superintendent of Schools