Superintendent’s Corner




A few things to share . . .

            I would like to take this time to congratulate our students who had a successful first semester of the 2016-17 school year.  As students enter both middle school and high school, time management becomes one of the most difficult tasks to try to overcome.  We encourage students to try as many extracurricular activities as possible, while at the same time try to reach their highest potential in the classroom.  These are high expectations.  However, many of our students are able to accomplish this.  Later this school year, we will honor our top academic students in grades 8-12 at our annual West End Partnership Day of Excellence.  This day is designed for students who have earned all A’s during the first semester of the school year.  It is sponsored by Cliff’s Natural Resources and is a day to reward students who were able to show what can be accomplished through hard work.  Students from Negaunee, Ishpeming, NICE and Republic-Michigamme will be recognized.

            In August, the District will be asking voters to renew our Sinking Fund Millage that we have had in place for several years.  It allows for us to collect tax dollars and put them aside in order to upgrade our District’s facilities.  The money collected is used for renovating existing areas of the District or for new construction.  Some of the areas we have been able to improve throughout the District include but are not limited to: window replacement at all buildings, roof repair and replacement on all buildings, carpeting throughout our schools, painting of the exterior high school, upgrades to the high school gym, creation and renovation of science labs, construction of our new tennis facility, the expansion of our practice field at Miner Stadium and boiler replacements.  Recently added language to the law pertaining to Sinking Funds, allows Districts to also use this money to purchase technology and upgrade security equipment.  This change in the law is a major benefit for any District.  Even though it’s early, please consider voting in August so our District can continue to benefit from these tax dollars.

            As many of you are aware, Lakeview Elementary has started a program designed to assist our students of families who struggle financially.  The program, called Miner Packs, involves volunteers shopping and packing lunch bags for students to take home on Friday of each week.  The idea behind the program is to bridge the gap between Friday and Monday, so these students have healthy food over the weekend.  For some of our students, the breakfast and lunch they receive at school each day are their main meals for the day.  Our hope is that the Miner Packs will help these students during the time they are away from us.  We have been fortunate to receive many grants as well as donations from local businesses and individuals to get this program up and running.  We are planning to also implement Miner Packs at the middle school and high school to start next school year.

            Before I wrap things up, I want to thank you for your support.  Whether you’re a parent, student, business owner or community member, the role you play to make our District special is greatly appreciated.  I look forward to working with you for several years to come and to also look for ways to raise our bar and make the District that much stronger.