Superintendent’s Corner



It is amazing to think that a year has passed since I wrote the opening article for the Miner’s Lamp to begin the 2017-18 school year.  A lot has happened in the District during this time, and I am forever grateful to be a part of this amazing school system.  With that said, the 2018-19 school year promises to be just as exciting as the years leading up to it.  It is my hope that you have had the opportunity to enjoy family and friends during the past couple months.  I am sure the summer has re-energized our students, and they are eager to start the upcoming school year.  The staff at Negaunee Public Schools is looking forward to seeing both the returning and new students to our District.  The 2018-19 school year will begin on Tuesday, September 4th, with all three buildings having a full day of instruction.  The schedule for each building, listed on page 2, are the same as last year. 


Last summer, the community overwhelmingly passed our new Sinking Fund.  This summer, we are putting this tax revenue to good use. There are a variety of construction projects that have been completed or are in the process of taking place.


The largest project is one the District is working on with our Booster Club’s support.  Premeau Construction is building a 1,800 square foot addition on the south side of Lakeview School.  This structure will be the home of a new entrance, handicapped accessible bathroom, and concession stand.  The purpose of this project is to increase the concession stand space.  It will also alleviate congestion during basketball and volleyball games, which will improve the safety of both athletes and fans during competition. 


Another major project that is taking place will improve the safety of our students and staff, making our buildings more secure.  Range Telecommunications received the bid to install 191 cameras throughout the District. The security project also includes the installation of card readers on exterior doors, which will allow staff to enter the buildings by using their badge.  Our current cameras are getting old, and we didn’t have enough throughout the District to cover all areas.  This project will be completed prior to the school year starting and is a great improvement as students arrive in September.


Every school year brings changes to our staff. This could include retiring/resigning staff, new staff, classrooms moved within the buildings or other types of restructuring.  Whatever the modifications might be, they continue to be done in the best interest of our students.  Middle School retirements include Lori Boase, Mark Churchill, Louise Levi and Suanne Trebilcock.  In addition, Brittnee Balbierz resigned from her teaching position at Lakeview. Needless to say, we had big shoes to fill.  Our plan was to advertise, interview and hire before any of the surrounding Districts. Fortunately, we were able to accomplish this, and I am confident we have hired the best candidates in our area. Joining the Negaunee Public School’s teaching staff will be Tiffany Nicholas (Middle and High School English), Dan Helppi (6thgrade), Christina Clow (Junior Kindergarten), Taylor Wilber (1st Grade), Janet Sivula (3rdgrade) and Kasey Kallenbach (Technology). 


We look forward to another successful school year and want to thank you in advance for all the support you provide to Negaunee Public Schools and our students.



Dan Skewis

Superintendent of Schools