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Schools of Choice News Release 2019-2020

Schools Of Choice Application 2019-2020


Negaunee Public Schools will accept Schools of Choice 105/105c applications from non-resident students for the 2019-2020 school year from July 15-August 13, 2019. The Schools of Choice application is available on our website, in all NPS school buildings, and at the Administrative Office at 101 S. Pioneer Ave, Negaunee. Enrollment is limited in grades JK-4th at Lakeview, 5th-8th at Negaunee Middle School, and in 9th-12th at Negaunee High School. Within 15 days after the application period ends, administration will determine which non-resident applicants will be allowed to enroll under the Schools of Choice program and parents will be notified of the status of their application. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of vacancies, a drawing will be held to determine which students will fill the open vacancies. The date for enrollment shall be no later than the first week of school.

Any non-resident application that is received by administration outside of the open enrollment time frame listed on the application will be subject to an approved release from the district of residence prior to enrollment.

To access complete information on the Schools of Choice program, please refer to NPS Board Policy. This information can be found on our website under District Information — Board of Education — Board PolicyBoard Policy 5113. Some important features of this program are listed below.

  • Transportation to and from school must be provided by the parent.
  • Enrollment priority shall be given to siblings and to other school age children who reside in the same household of a non-resident student already admitted under this program.
  • Students suspended or expelled from his/her home district will generally not be admitted to Negaunee.
  • Transfer of academic credit from another school will be evaluated and determined by Negaunee Public School administration.
  • Athletic Participation Notice: Please note that according to Michigan High School Athletic Association policy, newly enrolled, non-resident students at the high school level are ineligible to participate in athletics until they are deemed eligible by the MHSAA and high school athletic director.

More information about Negaunee Public Schools is available upon request. We would be happy to provide a tour of our facilities and answer any questions you may have about becoming a non-resident student. Please contact Superintendent Dan Skewis at (906) 475-4157 for more information.