School Of Choice Information

School Of Choice Information

SOC Newsrelease 18-19

School Of Choice Application 2018-2019




(906)  475-4157

FAX (906)  475-5107


Dear Parents:


The Negaunee Schools are accepting Schools of Choice applications from non-resident students. Please complete the attached form and return to the above address.  Enrollment is limited in all grade levels. However, if the applicants exceed the number of vacancies, a lottery-type drawing will be held to determine which students will fill the open vacancies.  Parents will be notified of the status of their applications.


To access complete information on the Schools of Choice Program, Board Policy 5113, refer to the following website:, select District Information then click Board Policy Manual.  Listed below are some of the features of this program.


– Athletes transferring must sit out one semester before they are declared eligible to participate on any team.

        -Transportation to and from school must be provided by the parent.

        -Enrollment priority shall be given to siblings and to other school age children who reside in the same household of a non-resident student already admitted under this program.

        -Students suspended or expelled from his/her home district will generally not be admitted to Negaunee.

        -Transfer of academic credit from another school will be evaluated by Negaunee school officials to determine the transfer of credit.


Some of the unique features of the district include:  iPad technology at our elementary school, a strings program for students in grades 5-12, and a before and after school latch-key program for working parents at the Lakeview School.


Information about the Negaunee District and offered programs are available upon request.  We would be happy to provide a tour of our facilities and answer any questions you may have.  Please call Dan Skewis at 475-4157.



Dan Skewis

Dan Skewis,