Negaunee Middle School 2020-2021 Student Supply List

Negaunee Middle School 2020-2021 Student Supply List:

5th Grade Supply List
12: #2 Pencil, Pens, 1: Pencil Sharpener With Cover, 1: Small Pencil BAG, Erasers, Glue Sticks, Colored Pencils, Scissors, 6: Pocket Folders: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, & Purple, 1: Black Sharpie Marker, 1: Highlighter, 2: composition books, 1: Mini Notebook Multiplication & Division Flashcards (0-12),3: JUMBO Book Covers or Paper Bags, Hand Sanitizer

6th Grade Supply List
Notebooks: 1: Blue Spiral Notebook, 1: Yellow Spiral Notebook, 1: Green Spiral Notebook, 1: Orange (or Purple) Notebook, 2: Red Spiral Notebooks.
Folders: 1: Blue Pocket Folder, 1: Yellow Pocket Folder, 1: Green Pocket Folder, 1: Orange (or Purple) Pocket Folder, 2: Red Pocket Folders.
Book Covers: 3: Extra-large Book Covers or Paper Bags Other: 1: Calculator, Loose-leaf Wide Ruled Paper, 12: #2 Pencils or Mechanical Pencils, Pencil Top Erasers, 2: Glue Sticks, 1: Box Colored Pencils, 1: Small Pencil Sharpener With Cover, 8: Count Washable Markers, 1: Small Pencil Bag/Box, 1: Large Box Kleenex, 1: Yellow Highlighter, 1: Container Disinfecting Wipes, 1: Pack Red Pens, Hand Sanitizer.

7th Grade Supply List
24 Count Colored Pencils, 1: Notebook for Each Subject (2 for Math), 1: Ruler, #2 Pencils, Calculator (Non-Scientific), 3: Pocket Folders, 2: Highlighters, 12: Colored Pencils for Science, Hand Sanitizer.

8th Grade Supply List
1: Pocket Folder for Each Subject, 1: Notebook for Each Subject, 1: Highlighter, #2 Pencils, Pens, 1: Ruler, Calculator for Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1A, Scientific Calculator for Algebra, Hand Sanitizer.

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